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Tokachi Soba Set

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Tokachi Soba Set

From Hokkaido, famous for producing Japan's highest quality soba flour comes our new "Tokachi Soba." Hokkaido's low precipitation and relatively cool summer are perfect growing conditions for soba wheat. Our soba noodles are made using the best available flour harvested from the Tokachi Plains, and are prepared nearby exclusively and with great care by Oda Ichi, Co. We think you will agree that these are the best soba noodles available. Enjoy each taste sensation of these noodles; their earthy fragrance, glossy smooth texture, and unique swallowing sensation.

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Tokachi Soba Set US$22.00
Product Code:TSS
  • Soba Soup base 200ml x 2
  • Soba 200gx4 packs (8 servings)

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