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Goya and Pork Okonomiyaki

Ingredient:Serves 2
Goya (bitter gourd) 50g (about 1/4)
Cabbage 150g (3 leaves)
Pork ribs 120g (4 slices)
Shiso (green perilla) as needed
Flour 100g
Dashi Soy Sauce 2 tsps
Water 100ml
Egg 1
Dashi Ponzu Soy Sauce as needed
Dried bonito flakes as needed
Oil as needed
Salt as needed
  1. Cut goya in half and remove seeds and strings, and slice. Rub it with salt, rinse with water, and drain.
  2. Chop cabbage and slice shiso into strips.
  3. Mix (A) well in a bowl and combine cabbage with goya and egg.
  4. Heat oil in frying pan, pour (3) onto pan and spread it into a round shape. Put 2 slices of pork on top.
  5. Fry both side until browned.
  6. Arrange on a plate, season with Dashi Soy Sauce, and sprinkle with dried bonito and shiso.