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Product ordering and shipping

Q1. Order details

  1. Purchasing and Payment Methods
    We accept orders by online shopping, telephone, and by facsimile.
    • Ordering By Internet

      Once you have confirmed your online order you will automatically enter an online payment interface. This portion of our online site uses SSL Encryption for your security. After completing the payment for your order we will send you a confirmation by Email.

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    • Ordering By Telephone

      Telephone orders can be made by calling our Toll-Free number, 1-877-PACKSOY (722-5769).

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  2. About Product Delivery

    Please allow one to two business days for your order to be processed. Additionally, FedEx Home Delivery takes 3 to 5 days, and deliveries are made from Tuesday to Saturday. Deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii are shipped every Wednesday, and take 7 to 10 business days to arrive. During the holidays and other busy periods, please expect deliveries to take 2 to 3 days longer than usual. We thank you for your understanding. As soon as possible after the delivery of your products, please check the contents to ensure order accuracy. Should your products arrive damaged, or if you receive an incorrect or incomplete order please return the unwanted products to us using your original shipping label (Please mark RETURN TO SENDER). If you decide to return your order to us for any other reason, the responsibility for return postage/shipping charges will be yours.

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  3. How to Contact Us

    Phone: Toll Free 1-877-722-5769
    FAX: 1-866-725-6256

    Kamada America
    2018 156th Ave NE #100
    Bellevue, WA 98007

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About our Products

Q1. How long can I use my sauces once they have been opened?

It depends on the conditions in which they have been stored, but please consume your sauces soon after opening to enjoy the best flavor.

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Q2. Can the sauce be used after the marked expiration date?

The expiration date on the package is an estimation of the freshness. The flavor might change depending on how it has been stored. We recommend not using the sauce after the expiration date, as we would like you to enjoy the best flavors of our sauces.

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Q3. What are the small particles in my Salad Soy?

This product contains many natural ingredients such as vegetable extracts, pepper, and chili sauce, which may settle in the carton. To prevent these vegetable components from solidifying, please shake Salad Soy with the cap well-closed before using.

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Q4. Is the taste of Dashi Soy Sauce changed?

When producing our soy sauce, the same ingredients and measurements are used every day; however, different batches of soy, dried bonito and dried salmon flakes, and kelp may each have subtle differences in quality because they are natural ingredients. These may slightly influence the flavor of the sauce but won`t have any effect on the quality of the products. You might sense some subtle changes in different batches of sauce. Storing conditions will also influence the flavor, so please store in a cool and dark place, and keep the sauce refrigerated after opening.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1. Changing address

  1. What should I do when I move?

    You may use the contact form located under "Contact Us" at the bottom of the screen.

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  2. What should I do when I'd like to delete my registration?

    Please contact us by Email, phone, or the contact form on the web page and state that you wish to be removed from our database. We will immediately remove your registered information from our system.

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Q2. Purchasing products

  1. How much is the shipping charge?

    Please refer to the shipping charge chart in the product ordering page.

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  2. Can I send sauces to someone else as a gift?

    If you complete the delivery address section with the address you wish the products to be sent to on the ordering page of our shopping site, we will send sauces there. We will confirm your order by Email.

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  3. I haven't received a comfirmation Email?

    Are there any changes or mistakes in the Email Address you registered with us? If you changed your Email Aaddress after your last order, please contact us with your new Email Address.

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  4. Can I order individual packages or request a special combination set?

    Single packs or special combinations are not available.

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