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Privacy Policy & SecurityPrivacy Policy & Security

Privacy Policy

About the protection of personal information
Kamada America is committed to taking all appropriate measures to protect the personal information of our customers and employees. In order to protect your personal information, we adhere to the following "Protection of Personal Information" policy.
Protection of Personal Information
  1. When personal information is collected, our company will disclose the purpose of use beforehand, and will not use it for any other purpose. We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than that for which we have obtained your prior consent.
  2. We recognize the risks of unlawful access to, or the loss, destruction, falsification, or disclosure of your personal information, and we take all appropriate preventative and corrective measures to protect it.
  3. We observe all applicable laws and guidelines regarding the protection of personal information.
October 2005
Kamada Foods International(America),Ltd.
President Takeo Kamada

Handling of Personal Information

Kamada America. (henceforth "Our company") recognizes the importance of protecting our customers' privacy, and uses the following system to ensure proper handling of personal information.

About Usage and Sharing of Personal Information
Our company uses customers' personal information when processing orders and shipping products in the following ways:
  1. Order processing and after-order service.
  2. Periodic mailing of product brochures and flyers to introduce new products and service.
  3. Product development and improvement of our services.
We will share data within our corporate group for similar purposes (Kamada Foods Int'l, Japan, and Kamada Soy Sauce, Inc.). At any time, at the customer's request, personal information may be removed from our database.
Entrusting of Personal Information
Our company might consign a part of business to 3rd party companies, as in the case of providing names and addresses to our shipping agents. We make a contract for protection of personal information before sharing personal information with 3rd party companies, and we monitor the services of 3rd party service providers to ensure that personal information entrusted to them remains private.
Disclosure, Correcting, and Deleting of Personal Information
When a customer notifies us of incorrect data, or suspect personal information has been disclosed through our ordering system, we will immediate take measures to correct the mistake, or to remove that individual's personal information from our system.
Inquiries about Personal Information
We are pleased to respond to your request.
TEL: 1-866-725-9049
FAX: 1-866-725-6256
Email: info@kamadafoods.com

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